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In 1997, Mac Parks established a 77 acre farm in Lowville, NY, which has become the main breeding and foaling facility for Parks' Breezy Knoll. Our stallions, mares in foal, and mares with foals at their sides are kept here under the watchful eyes of our dedicated staff.

Our barns are spacious, and our breeding facility utilizes modern collection and fertilization techniques for the safety of our mares and stallions. Parks' Breezy Knoll takes pride in the timely breeding of mares by our stallions at our facility to maximize the chances for pregnancy. Parks' Breezy Knoll also provides timely and effective semen shipping services for our customers.

PBK Barn Expansion Completed For The 2004 Season

Indicative of the forward planning at PBK, a new barn with 30 stalls was completed in March 2004 to handle the influx of outside mares to be boarded at PBK. We pride ourselves in caring for these mares as if they were our own! With the excitement of VLTs at NY racetracks in the air, PBK is poised for progress.


We hope you will visit Parks' Breezy Knoll, and see for yourself what great values our stallions represent for the small breeder. We invite your inspection of our facilities, and we will be glad to discuss how we can meet your breeding needs. We are proud of what we have accomplished in developing Parks' Breezy Knoll as a growing Standardbred breeding facility, and honoring the love that Fred Parks had for these beautiful horses.